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flowers bring
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I want to share that joy with others

Floral Photography and Natural Portraits

Hello! I'm Carolyn, a floral photography and portrait artist based in San Luis Obispo, on California’s gorgeous Central Coast. I love to capture authentic portraits using natural light and spontaneous moments. The exploration of natural light led me to my passion: the breathtaking, intricate beauty of flowers.

I’m delighted to share this joy through a curated set of my floral portraits featured on scarves, tote bags, and other accessories.

Welcome to my world of natural light!

Walk your own path

But don't walk it alone—take the beauty and joy of flowers with you wherever you go.

Vibrant Floral Duets

Good news! You don't need to decide between a tote and a zippered pouch. Choose a duo of vibrant images for yourself or as a gift. Simply start with a handy zippered pouch—great as a makeup purse, pencil case or small-things-holder—then find your matching tote!

3 Gorgeous Scarf Fabrics

It took some doing, but I'm so happy to be able to offer my floral designs on three different scarf fabrics. All are a joy to wear, but each material has its own unique characteristics. Choose the look and finish you prefer. Long and square scarf designs available.

5 Ways to Source Flowers

Floral photography presents an ongoing problem: how to source fresh flowers inexpensively for projects? Whether cut or planted, sadly, flowers have a limited lifespan! But don't despair. Here's my top 5 tips for sourcing fresh flowers.

San Luis Obispo, California

California's stunning Central Coast provides creative inspiration.