Floral Artist and Portrait Photographer

Carolyn Eicher has spent many years developing her portrait photography skills using natural light. During her relaxed photo sessions, her aim is always to capture the most natural photos, bringing to the fore her client's individual spirit and personality.

Through Carolyn's study of natural light photography, she discovered her passion for photographing flowers. The beauty of flowers brings her true joy, and in each floral photography session she sees in her "client"—whether individual bloom or rambling bouquet—the opportunity to capture its essence in a floral portrait.

Carolyn lives and works in San Luis Obispo, on the California Central Coast.

Floral Photography

Carolyn Eicher’s floral images have an ethereal and compelling quality. Her unique application of intense light creates a layered effect that radiates the wondrous delicacy of nature's forms, as only photography can do.

What began as an experimental exercise for her portrait discipline— freeing Carolyn from the time constraints and distractions of live subjects—soon became a flourishing interest and passion of its own. “I become fascinated with the innate beauty of the simplest flower or stem. When saturated with light and photographed in a certain way, a bloom reveals its enticing hidden depths and can totally absorb me.”

Isolating an individual piece of flora highlights both its texture and structure, elevating it to an arresting visual that is at once familiar and unfamiliar, beautiful and mesmerising.

Discovering Natural Light

As so often happens in the creative journey, Carolyn’s continued artistic growth prompted her to look at her portrait photography from a new perspective.  “I’d always been drawn to photographing people in natural light and highlighting innate character and personality, but after immersing myself in the qualities revealed by my floral subjects, I was even more attracted to discovering the organic essence of my portrait clients. I’m drawn to the authentic and emotive in an individual’s face and their relationships with those who are important in their lives."